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  • What does SADBrunch stand for?
    Formally "Saturdays Are A Drag Brunch" SADBrunch for short. Our brand now programs LGBTQ activations including brunch, night events, drag bingos, fundraisers, pride events, and more!
  • How long are the events?
    Most events require a 2-3 hour time slot. Time Examples: Brunch Event 10:30AM-1PM 11AM-2PM - most common 12PM-3PM Night Events 7PM - 10PM (seated drag events only) 10PM - til
  • How much are tickets sold for?
    A la carte "Admission Only" tickets will range from $20-$30 depending on market.
  • Can the venue sell the tickets?
    Venues who choose to sell their own tickets must choose the "Franchise Model" and are required to pay SADBrunch a flat buy-out rate for our production. Buy-out rates vary depending on venue capacity and date. More information on show models can be found above
  • Age Limits for Shows
    Drag Brunches and night events are typically a 21+ concept, however some venues allow 18+ Drag Bingos and Story Hours can be programmed for all ages.
  • How many queens are in a show?
    Casting will vary between 3-5 entertainers depending on venue size, show programming, and booking costs.
  • Are there any venue requirements?
    Space! Our shows require seated layout with a capacity of approximately 100 guests. Sound equipment can be provided at venues without the capability. Comfortable, temperature controlled,dressing room to accommodate our entertainers while not on stage
  • Can the venue sell food?
    Yes! Venues are encouraged and able to sell and keep all profits from food and beverage sales. We suggest you curate a food and beverage menu to fit the show event and day part. Brunch concepts can choose from buffet or menu style.
  • What does the venue pay for?
    Two Options: SADBrunch Model - $300-$500 Franchise Buy-Out Model - email us for a quote! More details on both models can be found above.


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