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  • What does SADBrunch stand for?
    Formally "Saturdays Are A Drag Brunch" SADBrunch for short. Our brand now programs LGBTQ activations including brunch, night events, drag bingos, fundraisers, pride events, and more!
  • How long are the events?
    Most events require a 2-3 hour time slot. Time Examples: Brunch Event 10:30AM-1PM 11AM-2PM - most common 12PM-3PM Night Events 7PM - 10PM (seated drag events only) 10PM - til
  • Sample Run of Show
    Drag Brunch 11 00 AM DJ starts 11 00 AM Doors opens 11 00 AM Customers arrive / mingle / dine 12 15 PM - 1st show begins 1 00 PM - brief intermission 1 10 PM - 2nd show begins 1 45 PM - show end 1 45 PM - 2 00 PM - meet and greet / pictures / DJ
  • How much are tickets sold for?
    A la carte "Admission Only" tickets will range from $20-$30 depending on market and type of event.
  • Can the venue sell the tickets?
    Venues who choose to sell their own tickets must choose the "Franchise Model" and are required to pay SADBrunch a flat buy-out rate for our production. Buy-out rates vary depending on venue capacity and date. More information on show models can be found above
  • Age Limits for Shows
    Drag Brunches and night events are typically a 21+ concept, however some venues allow 18+ Drag Bingos and Story Hours can be programmed for all ages.
  • How many queens are in a show?
    Casting will vary between 3-5 entertainers depending on venue size, show programming, and booking costs.
  • Are there any venue requirements?
    Space! Our shows require seated layout with a capacity of approximately 100 guests. Sound equipment can be provided at venues without the capability. Comfortable, temperature controlled,dressing room to accommodate our entertainers while not on stage Venue layout will vary from venue to venue.
  • Is there a specific layout needed?
    Our drag show concept can be a seated or standing model depending on show format. Dinner events (typically scheduled between 6PM-10PM) are seated events. Our entertainers require room to navigate and engage with each seated guest, similar to servers. Typically restaurant/bar layouts are already formatted for a drag show.
  • Can the venue sell food?
    Yes! Venues are encouraged and able to sell and keep all profits from food and beverage sales. We suggest you curate a food and beverage menu to fit the show event and day part. Brunch concepts can choose from buffet or menu style.
  • What does the venue pay for?
    Two Options: SADBrunch Model - $300-$500 Franchise Buy-Out Model - email us for a quote! More details on both models can be found above.


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